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Jan. 29th, 2008

Measuring Time: In Moons

Rating: adult only
Pairing: Angel(us)/Fred
Summary: She was convinced that time moved differently when he got in these moods.
Timeline: season 3
A/N: written for fanfic_fiesta prompt #1: In the beat of moons, not seconds, he stroked her, so say the Scriptures. ~ William Kotzwinkle // Jewel of the Moon

She liked it best when no one else was in the old hotel. )

Measuring Time: In Drops

Rating: adult only
Pairing: Angel(us)/Fred
Summary: Not once did she think to question why he was in there with her, or even object to his being there.
Timeline: season 3
A/N: Written for fanfic_fiesta water challenge

The only thing to be heard was the steady drip of water from the faucet into the already full tub. )

Measuring Time: In Breaths

Rating: adult only
Pairing: Angel(us)/Fred
Warnings: blood-play, mentration
Summary: She had always enjoyed it when a boy would spend time doing just this. The only thing difference was that this time it wasn't the main event, wasn't the pre-show, and Angel wasn't aiming to please.
Timeline: season 3
A/N: Written for fanfic_fiesta time challenge

She measured time in breaths. )

Dream a Little Dream

Rating: mature
Pairing: Angel(us)/Fred
Summary: Nothing could ever make me happier than being with you.
Timeline: post finale
A/N: Written for thomasina75 's Fred fic-a-thon. Request: A happy ending, "Grr Argh", slow dancing, sorry if the ending's not as happy as you were looking for, Emmy. Thanks to velvetwhip for the last minute quick beta.

Every day it seemed harder to keep fighting. )

Sep. 8th, 2007

Five Paths to Oblivion

Rating: mature
Pairing: implied: Fred/Angel, Fred/Gunn, Fred/Lorne, Fred/Spike and Fred/Wes
Summary: She just hasn't decided how she wants to lose herself / she imagines this is how he makes love.
Timeline: Season 5 before A Hole In the World

There are an infinite number of ways to lose yourself she knows. )

Angel Imagines

Rating: mature
Pairing: Angel/Fred
Summary: While she talks endlessly, Angel likes to imagine that she is acutely aware of his touch and that she's hoping for more.
Timeline: Sometime in S3 before Waiting in the Wings
A/N: Written for swan_a_thon

He loves the way Fred laughs. )