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Jul. 18th, 2014

[AtS/BtVS] So Rested He By the Tumtum Tree

Title: So Rested He By the Tumtum Tree
Author: [personal profile] tmbreck / eclectic_tongue / [info]eclectic / [archiveofourown.org profile] Lilbreck
Beta: velvetwhip
Rating: FRT
Characters/Pairing: Angel, Willow, Angel/Willow
Warning: References to violence and implied PTSD
Summary: Angel and Willow try to create a bit of heaven in hell.
A/N: Written for —and beta’d by— the ever lovely and wonderful [info]velvetwhip. I hope you enjoy this story even half as much as she and I did/do.

He took his vorpal sword in hand: Long time the manxome foe he sought )

Jul. 17th, 2013

Two Wolves and a Queen Taken

Title: Two Wolves and a Queen Taken
Author: tmbreck / [info]eclectic_tongue / eclectic
Beta: [info]velvetwhip
Rating: FRC
Warning: Mentions of character death.
Summary: Willow is learning what it really means to have goddess level power.
A/N: There are two people I write to please: myself and my dear beta. We are both pleased with this, and I hope you enjoy it as well.

What it means to be a goddess. )

Mar. 11th, 2013

Souls in Waiting

Title: Souls in Waiting
Author: [personal profile] tmbreck / [info]eclectic_tongue / [info]eclectic / [archiveofourown.org profile] Lilbreck
Beta: [info]velvetwhip
Rating: FRT
Character: Willow
Warning: Mentions of sex and death.
Summary: Sometimes, the universe gives us a way to save what is precious.
A/N: Thank you to my beloved beta, velvetwhip. She kept me writing so long ago, and she’s the reason I’m able to try and get back into it again.
Distribution: here, my sites/journals, AO3
Disclaimer: I own nothing, I'm just playing with the characters.

The power runs through her... )

May. 1st, 2010

When Gods Collide

Title: When Gods Collide
Author: [personal profile] tmbreck / [info]eclectic_tongue /[info]eclectic
Beta: [info]velvetwhip
Rating: FRC
Character: Illyria, Willow (vague mention of Angel/Willow)
Warning: none
Summary: Sequel to An Ending or a Beginning. Willow has found a way to bring back Fred. Now All she has to do is convince one former god-king to go along with the plan.
A/N: Written for monicaop who requested a sequel. Sorry that Angel/Willow was just a passing mention, but hope the plotiness of it compensates!

In the end, it was easier to bind Angel's soul than it was to explain why she had researched it and how it would be done. )

Nov. 3rd, 2008

Signs and Rewards

Rating: mature
Pairing: Spike/Willow
Summary: They didn't have the answers; they didn't even know the questions. She's a goddess; she knows what needs to be done .
Timeline: post series
A/N: oh_fickle_muse challenge: Round 2 Kink

As the dust settles, she spins around with a wide grin, ready for praise. )

Normal Enough

Rating: anybody
Pairing: Angel(us)/Willow
Summary: for good or evil, they would be facing the world together
Timeline: post series
A/N: prompt: velvetwhip; AtS; Willow/Angel; normal

If thou and thy white arms were there, / And the fall to doom a long way. )

Hazy Dreaming

Rating: mature
Pairing: Angel(us)/Oz
Summary: There is no sign of guilt or grief in those eyes, and suddenly he knows. It wasn't him in the chair; it was Angelus.
Timeline: season 5 of AtS
A/N: Written for paranoir27 in the angelusficathon .

Angel walked across the bedroom, removing clothing as he went, not bothering to turn on the lights until he came to the bathroom. )

Sep. 8th, 2007


Rating: teen
Pairing: Angel/Willow
Summary: He's not sorry that it was her, and she's only sorry she couldn't do more.
Timeline: After S2 final of AtS
A/N: Written for [info]velvetwhip

Their hands fumble and they can't help but see the tears in each other's eyes. )